Kelly & Andrew {engagement}

So I’ve been absolutely dying to post this engagement session. We have so many sessions to blog and I can’t wait to show them! We’ve been flooded with amazing people to shoot and holy cow I love this couple. We got to shoot Kelly and Andrew in Austin Texas. A huge high five to them […]

Sarah & Will {portraits}

Sarah & Will have style lasers set to stun. Their house, incredible. Their personal style, impeccable.  But their personalities, they just make the whole combination lethal. They are both intelligent, business savvy, funny, beautiful, and some of the nicest people we have had the chance to meet. We met up with them at their house […]



Jesse & Alex Preview!

Here is a preview from our session today. Jesse & Alex are puuuuure awesomehawtnitude! More soon =D

Jenny & Josh {engagement}

First of all, Jenny has this laugh. I can only describe it as so very happy and so very contagious. I know, what horrible descriptive skills, but she laughs and everyone smiles… especially Josh who is simply smitten with his lady. Josh is hilarious and genuine all while being the strong silent type. Their smiles […]

Lisa & Ryan {engagement}

They grew up in the same neighborhood, playing all of those childhood games with the other kids in the neighborhood. They grew up and Ryan was Lisa’s first kiss. They grew up and Ryan went to college and then 8 years later, they  found one another again. They both say it was love at second […]

Gumby & Leah {engagement}

Gumby & Leah are intelligent, fun loving, and really truly compliment one another perfectly. Their love for one another is without limit, and it is a beautiful thing. In our opinion, that is what makes the world go round, unabashedly free love. Fa Sho! Gumby is a grad student at SMU and is working towards a Ph.D […]

Rebecca & Josh {engagement + wedding}

You don’t forget an e-mail like the one I received from Rebecca mere weeks before her wedding and I found that my fingers couldn’t type fast enough to send her a reply. Throughout our following correspondence I fell in love with their story, and the one that was about to unfold made the hopeless romantic […]

Deshea & Doug {Engagement}

While running the risk of sounding diva, I once had a personal trainer. This trainer made everything look all fit and tone and awesome for that time in my life when I married my high school sweetheart, Chad (YAY!). My least favorite thing she ever made me do was lay on the ground with a […]

Kristen & Matt {Engagement}

There is SOMETHING in the water in Waco, Texas. Either that, or it just pumps out and harbors some of the coolest people we have ever met! My favorite memories of that place consist of: the David Crowder Band; our best friends, The Duke’s; Spice, UBC, Baylor and its parking garages that resemble churches, and […]

Lindy & Mitch {Engagement}

I don’t know if it started with my father, but for as long as I can remember I have appreciated people who work from their hearts through their hands. There are never enough things to be said about hard work and raw talent. Thomas Jefferson said, “I’m a great believer in luck and I find […]

Leah & Paul {Engagement}

Leah & Paul are incredible. Their love and admiration for one another is beautiful, and their kindness and respect for others is CRAZYtastic! We started off their engagement session one early morning and they BLEW us away! Seriously! We connected instantly and couldn’t put our cameras down, time just ticked on and our tried and […]

Katie & Hank {Anniversary}

Rain, thunderstorms, and miles and miles of travel could not keep these two apart, but that didn’t stop it from trying to keep us from them! We drove to Ft. Worth 3 times before the the skies cooperated and we were able to get down to the nitty gritty. All I have to say is […]

Heather + Leah & Tim {One Day, Two Play & Engagements}

Well the weather we are having right now is totally awesome. Almost as awesome as our good friend Heather from Lubbock, TX who came and had her mind molded Two Pair style. Our eight hour session turned into an all day fun fest and it was totally GREAT! Leah & Tim (whose wedding is coming […]

Brooke & John {Engagement}

Here I have provided a little list of things that we here at Two Pair LOVE: *akhem* 1. Early morning shoots. The light is MAGICAL and it is WONDERFUL to be a part of. 2. Details. Whether they be tangible or simple moments, it is safe to say it is all about the details. 3. […]

Caroline & Travis {engagement}

Our minds were blown by the awesomeness that is Caroline and Travis. They are SERIOUSLY some of the nicest people we have had the pleasure of meeting. Less than 2 minutes into the session Caroline was inviting us over for some Kenyan tea, and Travis had us rolling with his contagious laugh and smile. We […]

Karla & Armando {Engagement}

Karla & Armando = AWESOMEtastic! Seriously, totally, radically, magically, beautifully, wonderfully AWESOME! Bringing along the coolest little props, we took D-town by storm. We are giddy like little schoolchildren in anticipation for their big day!    Hello beautiful. Won’t you look so nice hanging in the office.  Their super cute baby girls, I could have […]