Rebecca & Josh {engagement + wedding}

You don’t forget an e-mail like the one I received from Rebecca mere weeks before her wedding and I found that my fingers couldn’t type fast enough to send her a reply. Throughout our following correspondence I fell in love with their story, and the one that was about to unfold made the hopeless romantic in me swoon in anticipation. Their story is romantic, moving, without restraint, and fascinating. In the book of their love, I would entitle this chapter, Love knows no boundaries. It would contain the adventurous tale of Josh and his move to Texas from Washington State and Rebecca for his career, and would continue with Rebecca & Josh becoming engaged and then finding themselves both in Texas, together and eloping.

We met up two days before they tied the knot and spent the entire afternoon shooting, chatting, and chatting some more. Their engagement session was so great because they had no problem being in LOVE and watching them care so tenderly for one another was simply beautiful.

Their wedding was set at a beautiful garden within walking distance from our home called Erinshire. When I met up with Rebecca she was anxious, glowing and so ready to see Josh. As I had just come from our house where Chad and Josh were waiting, I knew he felt the same. Rebecca & Josh are romantic, beautiful and unique, so the whole adventure was done just how they wanted… their own way. In mine and Chad’s minds, that is the only way to go. Be yourself, what a concept. 🙂

Getting ready with Rebecca was one of my most favorite times this year. She designed her beautiful wedding dress, wore her mother’s earrings, and didn’t stop smiling. And when she and Josh saw each other, I was once again so honored to be at their union.