Lisa & Ryan {engagement}

They grew up in the same neighborhood, playing all of those childhood games with the other kids in the neighborhood. They grew up and Ryan was Lisa’s first kiss. They grew up and Ryan went to college and then 8 years later, they  found one another again. They both say it was love at second sight, because they had truly loved one another since childhood.
It doesn’t get any better than that right? Ryan & Lisa drove ALLL the way from Laredo, TX for their early morning shoot and they were radiant-boom-bastic! They were such troopers and packed adventure, love, and smiles for their engagement session with us, it was so fun! I simply LOVE Lisa & Ryan. Ryan is the kinda guy that you just can’t get enough of. He has a lot of knowledge, not like the nerdy bookworm kind, but the real life application kind and his witty humor and ease to talk to made him one of my new favorite people real fast. Lisa has the biggest eyes, smile and her personality is so beautiful that it almost matches her heart. I was complimenting some earrings that she was wearing with one of her outfits and she gave them to me! Who does that? Lisa, Lisa does that. We can’t wait for their wedding in the summer of 2010!