Leah & Paul {Engagement}

Leah & Paul are incredible. Their love and admiration for one another is beautiful, and their kindness and respect for others is CRAZYtastic! We started off their engagement session one early morning and they BLEW us away! Seriously! We connected instantly and couldn’t put our cameras down, time just ticked on and our tried and true stomachs were what gave up the fact that hours had past without our knowledge. Chad and I were drawn to their life stories and that lead to the discussion of Leah’s business “Freedom Stones“.

Our hearts thump for the children of the world. Leah’s company provides opportunities for economic development and holistic training to women and teenagers in Cambodia, Ghana, Thailand and Nigeria. The necklaces, clasps, and mission all come from a spirit of love and provokes a spirit of personal engagement.

Ladies & Gentlemen… Leah & Paul!