Carly & Sam {Engagement}

Chad and I met Carly & Sam in Ft. Worth for their engagement shoot. Hitting up all the Ft. Worthy type things allowed us a quick overview of the town, and we could have shot for HOURS! It was a mine field of AWESOME, and Carly & Sam were blowing us away with how great […]

Crystal & Radley {engagements}

In the wee hours of the morning when 8:00 a.m. was still below 95* a hot fuss of awesome swept through Abilene in the form of Crystal & Radley. Watching these two interact… well lets just say they are Rad-Tastic!    I just think Crystal is so beautiful, has a great sense of style and […]

Marcy & Anthony {engagements}

Marcy and Anthony are the definition of awesome…seriously…look it up. They are the kindest people in the world (probably). Wedding shots to come soon! =)

Emily & Jonathan {engagements}

A.K.A. E-Funk and Jon-Awesome. We had a blast times a thousand with these two hotties. Check it yo =)CAUTION: 100% sessy face aheadfences are the coolest =)

Jennifer & Nathan {engagements}

Woooo! Both of these two sexy beasts are over six feet of pure awesomeness.  They are good friends of ours and we were super honored to shoot their engagements. I can’t wait for their beautiful wedding coming up this July in the Hill Country. The shots at the dock were extra special since it is […]

Bethany & John Ryan {engagements}

Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome Caution: Hawt Sauce Photos Ahead This couple is amazing!  We could have shot pictures with a bag of leaves and still come out with amazing love filled photos. These two are the perfect match and I can’t WAIT to shoot their wedding! Recipe: 2 studd muffins […]

Megan & Greg {engagements}

Omgomgomg I am in love. I’m so glad we had the pleasure of meeting this couple. They traveled all the way down to Texas from Chicago for the weekend and all I can say is that they were super awesome and that Tyra better watch out! We got to shoot them on Friday and then […]

Laura & James {engagements}

Yay! Fun times in Abilene town! Laura & James are some of my new favorite peeps and I can’t wait to shoot more of them. Fun personalities + stellar looks = happy me! Expect bridals and wedding pictures of this great couple in the nearish future. Enjoy =)

Erin & Michael {Family}

This couple was awesome enough to brave freakishly cold weather early in the morning. It may look warm and sunny, but don’t be fooled. It was pretty rough. It was originally supposed to be a family shoot but their daughted sadly couldn’t make it since she wasn’t feeling well =( Hopefully another time. Aside from […]

Sarah + Brandon {Engagements}

Sarah & Brandon are awesome. Other than being a totally smokin hot couple they were a ton of fun to shoot with. Sarah was a bridesmaid a few weddings back and I’m sooo glad we got to meet them.  Just awesome. Enjoy =) RINGS!

Sarah + David {engagements}

So I’m having such a hard time choosing shots for this post. On one hand if I posted every photo of this pants kicking couple then the internet might explode…plus I’m not sure if it would even possibly fit on the page. And on the other hand if I don’t put up all the shots […]

Betsy + Stephen {engagements}

I headed out to this shoot with Erin to do some engagements and it was super awesome since we were doing their wedding and Erin was doing their engagements so I got to meet this awesome couple before hand. I’m also the king of run-on sentences =)

Valerie & Andrew {engagements}

Our sesh with Val & Andrew was packed full of red haired greatness! I just happened to facebook stalk them before the shoot and seriously was soo excited that they had beautiful locks of awesome hair. *high five!*

Katie & Kevan {engagements}

These two brought the awesome! At first thought they appear to be two quiet people. Then you ask for the *sessy face* and BAM! Prime example right here =)

Jordan & Mason {engagements}

We first met Mason and Jordan at one of our first official weddings, that of Mason’s sister Emily to Cody. At the time Emily hinted to the fact that we would be taking Mason and Jordan’s engagements soon and whatdayaknow, here they are! Even the blistering cold couldn’t  stop this couple from having a blast! […]

Jenkins Jollity

When it comes to props Ashten & Dustin win. They brought a killa eye-candy sports car and two cuddly Westie doggies for their anniversary photos! Super fun, super sweet! My favorite!