Gumby & Leah {engagement}

Gumby & Leah are intelligent, fun loving, and really truly compliment one another perfectly. Their love for one another is without limit, and it is a beautiful thing. In our opinion, that is what makes the world go round, unabashedly free love. Fa Sho!

Gumby is a grad student at SMU and is working towards a Ph.D in Chicano history and poetry and Leah is a marketing associate with a greeting card company. All of that rolled into an early morning session cranked out some of the funniest instances, the most intriguing conversation, and a barrel of laughs. We are so honored to shoot their wedding because we know every aspect has been thought of to fully emulate all that Gumby and Leah love and believe in, all while making absolutely positive that their guests are taken care of too. We love Gumby and Leah, and can’t wait for their big day!

Meanwhile, Christmas is right around the corner, we have our last wedding of the season tomorrow, and today is special. Eight years ago today Chad invited me to the drive-in on our very first date. I can’t remember what the movie was because I was too nervous that he may or may not try and hold my hand. I do remember that he was the cutest boy I had ever seen and I couldn’t wait to have more dates with him. Well, turns out we do. Tonight. 🙂