Haylee + Chase I Hungerford, TX

I do a mental heel click every time I walk into a room where the girls are getting ready and the room has tons of windows allowing the most beautiful natural light to float in. SCORE! Is what I want to yell, but I just say Hello! instead. 🙂 Haylee + Chase were married in […]

Kimber + Jeremy I Fort Worth, TX

Kimber + Jeremy are totes in love. We loved their super unique wedding complete with lemonade stand, succulent boutonnières, and Etsy inspired creations strewn about! They are supercalifragilisticexpialiAWESOME!

Katy + Austin I Colleyville, TX

Katy + Austin got hitched in the a.m. and it was one of the coolest weddings ever. They served breakfast at the reception and still had cake for dessert! Which raises the question, why isn’t dessert after breakfast commonplace? Egg whites, turkey bacon, fruit cup and brownie… sounds like a to-do list destroying combo to me. We […]

Nikki + Jacob I Fort Worth, TX

Nikki + Jacob’s wedding was a zoo. No, I’m kidding. But their ceremony and reception were totally at the Fort Worth Zoo! In fact, the whole day consisted of a lot of firsts for Two Pair. First zoo wedding, first Jewish ceremony, first penguin, aligator, and parrot at a reception, first all pie dessert table, […]

Stephanie + Robbie I Austin, TX

Stephanie + Robbie are creative masterminds. Over a year of planning culminated into one of best country weddings we have ever seen, y’all!  From the custom S + R cattle brand, to the slight infusion of Stephanie’s French family heritage with a croquembouche for her cake, it was so just all so seriously awesome! My favorite […]

Kalen + Daniel I Abilene, TX

We shot this session back when 100+ degrees was still a long time away, but it is TOTALLY 100% present now and I just figured I would blog this while drinking some good ole iced tea and remembering life before sweating became part of my wardrobe. 🙂 Kalen + Daniel put the AWE in AWESOME! […]

katy + brad I dallas, texas

it’s that time again. time for a blog-splosion of awesome wedding festivity & merriment! Katy + Brad could smize Tyra under the table. SUPER creative, beyond friendly, and totally crazy for one another!! With a little cherry on top of being able to shake it like a Polaroid pickcha! Here are some of our fav’s from […]

Adriana + Colter I Abilene, TX

Adriana y Colter are the tops, we dig them big time. They wanted a field-filled session so we threw on our cowboy boots and marched through cactus, wheat, and around 100 million fire ant piles to get our field on. It was awesome. Things have been a little quiet on bliggity-blog BECAUSE we just got […]

Anna + Jonathan I jonesboro, arkansas

Some might say that people in Texas are the nicest folks around, but I dunno if they have been to Jonesboro Arkansas and met Anna, Jonathan, and their families. Neva’ eva’ have we felt so welcomed and loved! Anna + Jonathan give us the warm fuzzies inside. Anna is the perfect southern belle. She is […]

Stephanie + Robbie I Dallas, TX

I never thought we would encounter a couple that is as cool as we think we are, jk. 😉 The only problem is Stephanie and Robbie are exponentially cooler than us and we want to be them when we grow up. Both are mastermind geniuses when it comes to design and all things artsy fartsy. […]

angela + jonathan I austin, texas

Angela & Jonathan know how to keep it real, and are the most fun! They were wed at Kindred Oaks near Georgetown, TX with their closest family & friends present and accounted for. So many awesome things happened at this wedding, a list is necessary. 1. Angela & Jonathan are in L.O.V.E.!! 2. Bob, their minister, was mine and Chad’s […]


Jesse and Alex were wed a few weeks ago and now it is time for a little bridal postage! We are so excited this time of year is here. Weddings, engagements, bridals galore! Enjoy! Jesse and Alex, thank you so much for allowing us to shoot your engagement and bridal sessions! You guys are AWESOME!!!

Kelly + Brad

Kelly and Brad will be wed on June 19th, but if you ever forget that just check out the jerseys Kelly had made from Brad’s favorite team. 🙂

Courtney + Steve {day after}

We had the crazy awesome pleasure of shooting Courtney & Steve‘s amazing wedding at Texas Old Town last fall and then we got to shoot them AGAIN when they decided a day after session was right up their alley. Holy boom boom pow, Batman! They are so awesome. I mean, check out this email Courtney sent […]

Brooke + John {wedding}

We were so happy to be present with Brooke & John on their big day! Brooke’s gracious spirit and John’s passion for life combine to produce two people who influence the people around them with wicked awesomeness. Their love for people and willingness to bear their hearts make them two of the most awesome people with […]