angela + jonathan I austin, texas

Angela & Jonathan know how to keep it real, and are the most fun! They were wed at Kindred Oaks near Georgetown, TX with their closest family & friends present and accounted for. So many awesome things happened at this wedding, a list is necessary.

1. Angela & Jonathan are in L.O.V.E.!!

2. Bob, their minister, was mine and Chad’s too! 🙂

3. CUPCAKES!!!! (a mini version of the best thing in the world, cake) 🙂

4. a wedding party to beat all wedding parties!

5. outdoor ceremony & reception!!!

6. not one person in a chair at the reception. I think Chad and I were the only one’s not dancing. well… Chad anyway. 🙂

7. not even the rain could dampen the spirits of all those involved.

8. Jonathan’s face the entire ceremony was transfixed on his bride and Angela couldn’t stop smiling!

9. 3 of our previous couples were there, still being the coolest people in the universe.

10. Catching A+J canoodling throughout the night… so sweet!