Stephanie + Robbie I Austin, TX

Stephanie + Robbie are creative masterminds. Over a year of planning culminated into one of best country weddings we have ever seen, y’all!  From the custom S + R cattle brand, to the slight infusion of Stephanie’s French family heritage with a croquembouche for her cake, it was so just all so seriously awesome!

My favorite part of the night happened at the reception when Robbie went up to thank all of their guests for being there and then asked Stephanie if she had anything to say. She shrugged and then started singing, “We got married in a fever, hotter than a pepper sprout…” and then all of the guests joined in! It was totally rad. The best part is that even as I am writing about this part of the day, 20 more things are popping in to my head and causing me to smile. Wedding… SUCCESS!

We tip our hats to Christina Lewis and her team at the ranch. If you want a seamless and organized wedding there is no way getting around not having a wedding coordinator. Timmeron Catering stuffed our bellys with yummy Texas Barbecue and then Boys Named Sue kept the party going with a healthy mix of Johnny Cash covers and all these things pulled together so thoughtfully with the BEAUTIFUL Three Points Ranch as a background, officially one of our favorite venues in Texas.

Venue: Three Points Ranch, Round Mountain TX
Coordinator: Christina Lewis, Wedding Warriors
Design: The Salt + Pepper Press
Band: Boys Named Sue
Caterer: Timmeron Catering
Photographer: Two Pair Photography