Courtney & Steve Preview!

Woo! Here is a preview of our newly found Austin super homies who retain an almost impossible amount of awesomeness. More soon! =D

The Teten Fam {Kids}

This is Luke. He is a master bubble swordsman, an explorer extraordinaire, and super duper big brother. Above: This is Auby. She wears tutu’s and diapers with all sorts of style and, as you can probably tell, is SUPER duper cute and stuff. These kids basically melted our hearts, leaving Chad and I with the […]

Lindy & Mitch {Engagement}

I don’t know if it started with my father, but for as long as I can remember I have appreciated people who work from their hearts through their hands. There are never enough things to be said about hard work and raw talent. Thomas Jefferson said, “I’m a great believer in luck and I find […]

Paige {senior}

Paige is the coolest. She listens to awesome music, has great taste in vintage clothes, and carries herself with this edgy confidence that is so beautiful. She stood in front of our cameras like a seasoned pro and we happily snapped away.  Paige will take Austin, TX by storm come this Fall. And that’s just the beginning […]