Courtney & Steve wedding I Austin, tx

We’re BACK! After 10 days in Korea, 56 hours of transit between Abilene, DFW, Tokyo, Seoul, to Suwon and back, we are HOME! The trip was beyond awesome, and we will post some photos and video at a later date. Right now it’s Courtney & Steve time.

Courtney & Steve are so wonderful. They are real 24-carat type people with a knack for all things creative and a diligent love towards friends and family. They have a zealous love for one another that is really sweet to watch. Their thankfulness and giving spirits were echoed by their family and friends whose fingerprints were all over their wedding, helping this day come to fruition. Steve is easy to talk to, sensitive yet strong, and an all around awesome guy. Courtney can best be described as a benevolent friend. During her own wedding she wanted to make sure that Chad and I were having a good time. 🙂 They are just all around great people. They got married in November at Texas Old Town in Kyle, TX just a few miles south of Austin where they call home. It was a beautiful backdrop for their wedding and the weather did a superb job as a supporting actor. So without further ado, Courtney & Steve!

Florist: Lindy’s Flowers (contact me for more info!)
Ceremony Musicians: Picardy III
Venue: Texas Old Town