The Teten Fam {Kids}

This is Luke. He is a master bubble swordsman, an explorer extraordinaire, and super duper big brother.

Above: This is Auby. She wears tutu’s and diapers with all sorts of style and, as you can probably tell, is SUPER duper cute and stuff.

These kids basically melted our hearts, leaving Chad and I with the impression that you don’t get much cuter than Luke & Auby. I wanted to follow Luke around all day and listen to his fascinating views on things, all while holding Auby and gazing into her BIG eyes. We are CRAZY about them!

Chad and I are about to head off to Austin for the weekend for our first shoots since our 3 week break. We CAN’T WAIT! Throughout our break we have gotten almost completely caught up with everything (although, are you ever caught up REALLY?) and even had a couple of days to be married and do all that married fun stuff. We are happy to get to clickin’ again and can’t think of a better place to start doing that than the place we will call home in March.