Jenny & Josh {wedding}

To start, I feel I must inform you internet that Jenny & Josh’s wedding ranks in with our top 5 favorite weddings ever. EVER I tell ya! Every element of this wedding combined to create a bomb of awesome that blew. our. minds. to the 12th power. Jenny & Josh were married on October 30th, […]

Leah {bride-to-be}

We couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful background on the day of Leah’s bride-to-be session. We also couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful bride. Leah came and ROCKED it out with us in her Melissa Sweet dress and J.Crew gold flats. Seriously, one of our favorite brides/bridals. When you are finished viewing these […]

Leah & Tim {wedding}

Chad and I love our friends. We love it when people who we would define as acquaintances (because it is embarrassing to admit that you TOTALLY know who they are, even though they don’t have a clue as to whom you might be) become close friends. We love that Leah & Tim are our friends, […]

Heather + Leah & Tim {One Day, Two Play & Engagements}

Well the weather we are having right now is totally awesome. Almost as awesome as our good friend Heather from Lubbock, TX who came and had her mind molded Two Pair style. Our eight hour session turned into an all day fun fest and it was totally GREAT! Leah & Tim (whose wedding is coming […]