Leah & Tim {wedding}

Chad and I love our friends. We love it when people who we would define as acquaintances (because it is embarrassing to admit that you TOTALLY know who they are, even though they don’t have a clue as to whom you might be) become close friends. We love that Leah & Tim are our friends, and that we developed our friendship during one of the best junctures of their lives. (or so we think :))
Leah & Tim
came and helped us out when they modeled for our one-on-one session with Heather, and Leah transfixed us during her wonderful bridal session that I will be posting super soon! This wedding just couldn’t wait!
We met up with the families for the rehearsal dinner that Tim’s mom (who has 4 boys) decked out with the most beautiful decorations and it was so wonderful to meet the family & friends. The fantastic dinner ended with Tim’s band, that constists of 3 of Tim’s brothers, and Leah’s brother, playing a couple of their songs which was AWESOME! After the dinner the girls headed to downtown Austin and hit the dancefloor, they invited me to join and I totally busted out all those moves I have been seeing at all these weddings I have been to. It was super fun.
The wedding day was brilliant. I once again met up with the girls, but this time at Barton Creek Resort & Spa. I had to pinch myself a couple of times. Why? Well, they had a breakfast buffet set up poolside, lounge chairs next to the bluest water, and wanted me to JOIN THEM. I know, I thought it was crazy too, crazy AWESOME! The ceremony was located in Austin at this venue called The Vista on Seward Hill. It was emotional, beautiful, and the dance floor buzzed all night! Leah & Tim are gracious, polite, and the most giving people we know. We hope the Zellner’s and the Doty’s remain close friends for a long long time.