Jenny & Josh {wedding}

To start, I feel I must inform you internet that Jenny & Josh’s wedding ranks in with our top 5 favorite weddings ever. EVER I tell ya! Every element of this wedding combined to create a bomb of awesome that blew. our. minds. to the 12th power. Jenny & Josh were married on October 30th, 2009 at Elmwood Gardens in Palestine, TX. To say the location had it all would be the understatement of the century. It round house kicked us in the face, in the best of ways! 🙂 Fields of horses grazing, a shining blue pond, immaculate gardens, quaint cottages and the towering trees, that East Texas is known for, all ablaze in their Fall coats… A.W.E.S.O.M.E. To be honest though, with Jenny & Josh as our couple, it could have been a red dirt field in the middle-of-nowhere and we would have been insanely happy.
Jenny & Josh are in so IN LOVE that it radiates from their very core. On the way to their first sight, as Jenny’s bridesmaids tenderly carried her beautiful wedding dress above the damp ground, her laugh filled the garden with such a joy. We LOVE when brides and grooms see each other beforehand! Chad and I don’t force it, because we believe in the concept of to each his own, but I think we both feel that this moment is different on so many levels from the bride walking down the aisle. Definitely something worth thinking about!
Jenny & Josh’s wedding was romantic, creative, inspiring and FUN! It was the most amazing day to have been a part of and we couldn’t be happier for our friends, The Gorenflo’s! Thank you for allowing us to capture your day, thank you for being awesome, and thank you for being in LOVE!