Baby Yawns!

Picked a fav from the hundreds of photos of Dex that we have to work on. Love this kid 🙂

Alison & Emily {Sisters!}

We received an email from these two sisters about shooting some pictures so they could surprise their parents with them as a gift. We mostly shoot couples being all lovey dovey so we weren’t exactly sure what would happen. But we said ”let’s do it!” and it was pure awesome. We just sat back and […]

The Teten Fam {Kids}

This is Luke. He is a master bubble swordsman, an explorer extraordinaire, and super duper big brother. Above: This is Auby. She wears tutu’s and diapers with all sorts of style and, as you can probably tell, is SUPER duper cute and stuff. These kids basically melted our hearts, leaving Chad and I with the […]

The Dunagin’s {Family}

Warning! The people you are about to see are RIDICULOUSLY good looking! I mean BEAUTIFUL to the 5th power. Oh, and to top it all off they are the nicest people in the world. Ready? Okay. When Candice e-mailed me about getting some family pictures done with her kids I was so excited. Let me […]

Tiffany + Grayson + Gavin {Baby to Be!}

Well you know how they say there is nothing more beautiful than a pregnant woman? Well there is no woman more beautiful than Tiffany, and she happened to be pregnant, and it happened to be 2 days before she was induced that we did this session. I KNOW! Super mom award in order for this […]

{Family Time}

The e-mail started… “My 75 year old grandmother is graduating from ACU on the 9th and for a gift the family wanted to get some pictures done.  There are 21 of us in all, which includes 5 families.  We want to do the pictures on the ACU campus since 15 of us are either current […]

The Cano Family {Family Time}

The Cano’s are one of the coolest families ever…multiplied by thousands! Melissa was wanting to take some pictures with her husband, brother, and sisters as a gift to their parents. I wanted to go home with them with the possibility of being adopted. Super talented, super friendly, super cute, SUPERTASTIC! Thank you all for coming […]

Erin & Michael {Family}

This couple was awesome enough to brave freakishly cold weather early in the morning. It may look warm and sunny, but don’t be fooled. It was pretty rough. It was originally supposed to be a family shoot but their daughted sadly couldn’t make it since she wasn’t feeling well =( Hopefully another time. Aside from […]

Wooo!!! {family shoot}

We don’t get to do many family shoots so this one was quite a treat! Usually if we do get a family it’s only like five peeps at most. I don’t even remember how many people were there but it was really fun to have enough people for basically any shot we wanted. Enjoy the […]

The Power of Gummy Bears!

On Saturday Chad and I strolled over to Snyder, Texas to play with the Powell family. The minute we stepped in their house this precious little blonde cutie-pie asked us, “Are you going to take my picture?” From then on we knew shy wasn’t going to be a problem! Matt and Emily were so very […]