{Family Time}

The e-mail started…

“My 75 year old grandmother is graduating from ACU on the 9th and for a gift the family wanted to get some pictures done.  There are 21 of us in all, which includes 5 families.  We want to do the pictures on the ACU campus since 15 of us are either current students or graduates of ACU.” 

Chad and I were freaking out big time. Not only was it 21 people, which is by far the largest amount of people we have shot outside of weddings, I was flying to Omaha that exact weekend to surprise my college friend at her bridal shower. Chad would have to go it alone.

Well, I think he did great! He kept going on and on about how awesome the families were and then he told me the story behind the 75 year old ACU grad. Lets see if I don’t butcher it to much…

While attending college she met the man of her dreams, they were married while both in college and before the end of college she became pregnant. Wanting to put her family first, she decided to push college to the side for a while. So at 75 years old she joined 15 of her family members and also became an ACU graduate. Congratulations, your family is beautiful. Wishing you the best!