Amber + Jeff I MillCreek Barn I Watervilet, Michigan Wedding Photographers

Austin Wedding Photos fun colorful

earth. fire. wind. water. heart. Amber + Jeff combined powers and had one out of this world day. a total 10. we couldn’t have asked for better weather, a more superb mish-mashing of families, beaming bride, handsome groom all snow balled into one B.E.A.utiful wedding day! everyone had a fantastic time from the toddlers to the […]

Haylee + Chase I Hungerford, TX

I do a mental heel click every time I walk into a room where the girls are getting ready and the room has tons of windows allowing the most beautiful natural light to float in. SCORE! Is what I want to yell, but I just say Hello! instead. 🙂 Haylee + Chase were married in […]

Meriden & Reid {wedding}

When I walked into the house where the girls were getting ready, it was like a little bee hive buzzing away with excitement! Everyone was working on getting their hair primped, make-up finalized, and donning their dresses. Then I found Meriden. Her smile had gained a few thousand watts, but her demure was sweet, calm […]