Haylee + Chase I Hungerford, TX

I do a mental heel click every time I walk into a room where the girls are getting ready and the room has tons of windows allowing the most beautiful natural light to float in. SCORE! Is what I want to yell, but I just say Hello! instead. 🙂

Haylee + Chase were married in an intimate ceremony at a ranch in Hungerford, TX. The ranch has been in her family for YEARS, original claw foot bathtub and everything. So spectacular. Everything about this wedding was a family affair with big warm hearts all around. If a hurricane had interrupted my tent reception at the front of the ranch, I might be a little upset. But Haylee & Chase just moved it into a barn and didn’t let it phase them. And it was all sorts of awesome.

We offer two vs. one sessions for photographers called Two Pair: Pairalyzed. And then I got to thinking… clients need info too! So, I decided a little Pairalyzed action will be present in blog posts! Maybe not every single one, but my “notes” section on my phone is BUSTING at the seams with things I think of for clients, specifically brides and what is a blog if not a place to voice your opinions right! So…without further ado!

by T. Zellner

#1     Natural Light kicks all other types of light lights out.

I mean, mug shots are done with florescent lighting. Need I say more? 🙂 If you get ready in a room with a window (the more the merrier!) your photos will be 899,000% better. If the room that is provided to you by your venue doesn’t have windows run, don’t walk, to the nearest place that does! 🙂