Meriden & Reid {wedding}

When I walked into the house where the girls were getting ready, it was like a little bee hive buzzing away with excitement! Everyone was working on getting their hair primped, make-up finalized, and donning their dresses. Then I found Meriden. Her smile had gained a few thousand watts, but her demure was sweet, calm and beautiful. The kind of beautiful you can only find with people who contain so much love in their hearts. The kind of beautiful that pours from the inside out.

Meriden & Reid were married in a barn that looked like it popped off the pages of Martha Stewart Wedding Magazine. As their friends and family filled every square inch of the barn the same positive energy arrived as we awaited the union of two wonderful people. Meriden & Reid have such a warm-hearted love and faith that has and will continue to move some mountains. Their unconditional and free love is undoubtedly a branch off the way their families and friends are and, being a part of that web, I found myself tearing up behind my camera as they professed their devotion to one another and to God. So very great.

We had such a blast at their wedding! Just one glance at the dance floor and it was almost impossible not to jump right in! Meriden & Reid, we thank you so much for allowing us to share in the festivities at your SUPERtastic wedding! You guys are indeed SUPER!