Gilbert Family . Monahans Sand Dunes . Maternity

monahans sand dunes park sandhills Dallas family photographer

We love the Gilberts! We’ve been so lucky to go through so many life moments with these two. From their engagements at the Motor Speedway in Dallas, to their wedding in Austin at Lake Travis, to all the maternity, baby, and family photos. They’re the best! This time we went for something a little more […]

Lyon Family . Bishop Arts District . Dallas

Dallas Family Photographers bishop arts district wild detectives

This is the Lyon Family. They’re a super cute, hip kinda family, that I loved as soon as we met. Jenny reached out to us after seeing some family photos we did of her friends and wanted some for herself. She wanted outdoor, urban with colorful buildings so what better than the Bishop Arts District […]

Rosenquist Family . Abilene TX . Family

I love taking family photos. We didn’t always shoot family photos but as soon as we started having kiddos of our own and once our wedding couples started popping out babies and calling us to take their maternity, birth story, and family photos it quickly became one of our favorite things. I LOVE showing up […]

The Thomas Family I Jester King Brewry I Austin Family Photographers

This is the Thomas Family! They’re super cute and I love them. We’ve been able to take photos of them a couple times now and each time I’m blown away by their crazy amount of cuteness. Christina Carroll, who is also a wedding photographer in Austin, reached out to us to take photos of her […]

Baby Yawns!

Picked a fav from the hundreds of photos of Dex that we have to work on. Love this kid 🙂

Meet our new baby boy!

Meet our new son and the world’s newest student of awesomeness, Dexter Lewis Zellner! Born September 21st 2010 and we couldn’t be happier. Tressie is the strongest woman in the universe and I’ve never seen her more beautiful =) Words can’t express how thankful we are and continue to be for all the love and […]

Alison & Emily {Sisters!}

We received an email from these two sisters about shooting some pictures so they could surprise their parents with them as a gift. We mostly shoot couples being all lovey dovey so we weren’t exactly sure what would happen. But we said ”let’s do it!” and it was pure awesome. We just sat back and […]

The Teten Fam {Kids}

This is Luke. He is a master bubble swordsman, an explorer extraordinaire, and super duper big brother. Above: This is Auby. She wears tutu’s and diapers with all sorts of style and, as you can probably tell, is SUPER duper cute and stuff. These kids basically melted our hearts, leaving Chad and I with the […]

The Dunagin’s {Family}

Warning! The people you are about to see are RIDICULOUSLY good looking! I mean BEAUTIFUL to the 5th power. Oh, and to top it all off they are the nicest people in the world. Ready? Okay. When Candice e-mailed me about getting some family pictures done with her kids I was so excited. Let me […]

Katie & Hank {Anniversary}

Rain, thunderstorms, and miles and miles of travel could not keep these two apart, but that didn’t stop it from trying to keep us from them! We drove to Ft. Worth 3 times before the the skies cooperated and we were able to get down to the nitty gritty. All I have to say is […]

Tiffany + Grayson + Gavin {Baby to Be!}

Well you know how they say there is nothing more beautiful than a pregnant woman? Well there is no woman more beautiful than Tiffany, and she happened to be pregnant, and it happened to be 2 days before she was induced that we did this session. I KNOW! Super mom award in order for this […]

The Beairds {Baby to be}

This family is crazy awesome and is about to get awesomer. The Beairds are inducing today! Wooooo! Welcome baby Emersyn! These two are a great couple and will make amazing parents. Can’t wait to see some baby pictures =) We love you all!

{Family Time}

The e-mail started… “My 75 year old grandmother is graduating from ACU on the 9th and for a gift the family wanted to get some pictures done.  There are 21 of us in all, which includes 5 families.  We want to do the pictures on the ACU campus since 15 of us are either current […]