Matt & Jessica {fun}

Matt and Jessica are our super awesome friends who not only moved away from us, but across the country from each other in pursuit of careers/school. Matt is changing lives in the DC school district with Teach for America, and Jess is in the place of our dream hometown of Seattle, working toward her masters […]

Hawt Damn!

We set out to do one of our most favorite things with our super-fun-fantastic photo friend Erin, and with the addition of our friends that can also double as models… tried for magic. Our afternoon was SupeR awesome. We LOVE going out for fun shoots to try new ideas and weren’t let down at ALL.  […]

Quick Shoot

Lara Morgan came to visit and we had some fun shooting some night time shots. I’m actually surprised that you can’t see the swarms of mosquitos in all of the shots. It was crazyness! This one is my favorite! We were trying to catch the sun before it went down. I thought we missed it […]