Hawt Damn!

We set out to do one of our most favorite things with our super-fun-fantastic photo friend Erin, and with the addition of our friends that can also double as models… tried for magic. Our afternoon was SupeR awesome. We LOVE going out for fun shoots to try new ideas and weren’t let down at ALL.  Any photographers around Abilene should totally come next time, it’s a blast! Our models were the super hawt Maria Fernandez, Emily Hewell, Daniel & Hannah Ellis, & Cade Ogilvie (Brookies hubby!)…….  Oh, and David sporting his sessy motorcycle dance machine moves…..boom ba boom. Hair and makeup done by THE Maloree Munn. Enjoy =)

I’m pretty sure we got to take my new fav photo right here.

The crew…minus Tressie since she volunteered to take the picture. I love B-funk’s fist pound =)