Ashley + Jason I Fort Worth, TX

We totally dig when our clients become our friends. We totally dig when our friends are head over heals in love with one another. We totally dig cupcakes. (wait… how did that get in there?)

Mallory + Brandon I Fort Worth, Texas

There are few things better than stories like this one. 🙂 Take two people who have known each other forever.  Now have them totally deny their affinity for each other for YEARS only to have it come up bite them like a big dog. Yeah, thats love and it straight up captured Mallory + Brandon. […]

Susie + Sam I Fort Worth, TX

It’s Friday AM and I am BLOGGING! WOO HOO! We are just about to head out the door to make our way up to Michigan (where it is 74 degrees!!!) for the nuptials of Amber + Jeff, BUT before we left I just HAD to blog Susie + Sam. Every now and then a couple […]

Cristina + Lucas I Atlanta, GA

Cristina + Lucas are hot. Period. We flew out to Atlanta to shoot their wedding and then had a day after/engagement session with them at a historic Bed and Breakfast and it was RADaclysmic. One of mine and Chad’s favorite things to do is explore new cities and it is safe to say that HoT-lanta is […]

Kalen + Daniel I Abilene, TX

We shot this session back when 100+ degrees was still a long time away, but it is TOTALLY 100% present now and I just figured I would blog this while drinking some good ole iced tea and remembering life before sweating became part of my wardrobe. 🙂 Kalen + Daniel put the AWE in AWESOME! […]

Adriana + Colter I Abilene, TX

Adriana y Colter are the tops, we dig them big time. They wanted a field-filled session so we threw on our cowboy boots and marched through cactus, wheat, and around 100 million fire ant piles to get our field on. It was awesome. Things have been a little quiet on bliggity-blog BECAUSE we just got […]

Stephanie + Robbie I Dallas, TX

I never thought we would encounter a couple that is as cool as we think we are, jk. 😉 The only problem is Stephanie and Robbie are exponentially cooler than us and we want to be them when we grow up. Both are mastermind geniuses when it comes to design and all things artsy fartsy. […]

angela + jonathan I austin, texas

Angela & Jonathan know how to keep it real, and are the most fun! They were wed at Kindred Oaks near Georgetown, TX with their closest family & friends present and accounted for. So many awesome things happened at this wedding, a list is necessary. 1. Angela & Jonathan are in L.O.V.E.!! 2. Bob, their minister, was mine and Chad’s […]

emily + matt I abilene, tx

This shoot happened during one of Abilene’s random cold front days. Good thing Emily + Matt brought the heat… OHHH!