We’re so flippin pumped to shoot your wedding! If you wouldn’t mind please fill out this questionnaire for us so we will have all the pertinent info needed to make the most out of your wedding day.

Bride + Groom's name

Bride's email
Groom's email

Bride's Cell

Groom's Cell

Do you have a wedding website?
Wedding day hashtag#?
Alternate contact person + phone number

Bride + Groom's address after the wedding

How many bridesmaids will the bride have?
flower girls?

Names of bridesmaids

How many groomsmen will the groom have?
ring bearers?

Names of groomsmen
Bride's Parents (including stepparents)
Siblings of the bride
Important extended family of the bride (grand parents, favorite aunts, uncles, etc.)
Groom's Parents (including stepparents)
Siblings of the groom
Important extended family of the groom (grand parents, favorite aunts, uncles, etc.)
Are there any family situations we should know about (deaths, divorces, etc.) to make sure we can address everyone correctly during family photographs?

time line. ceremony + reception details

Estimated number of wedding guests attending?

We will usually start the preparation photos two hours prior to the ceremony (barring any extended travel that must happen between the prep and ceremony locations). This allows us time to shoot the preparations of both the bride and groom. When Tressie arrives the bride should be receiving any final touches to her hair and makeup, then getting into her dress, shoes, jewelry, etc. When Chad arrives the groom should be showered, but he will want to shoot the groom shaving, doing hair, getting dressed, etc. Plan on the preparation photos to take about an hour to and hour and fifteen minutes. After the prep is finished we will shoot individual pictures of the bride and the groom (separate) and the respective bridal parties. We do not shoot formal family photos before the ceremony, these are reserved for the time immediately after the ceremony. If you are planning on seeing each other before the ceremony, we will start three hours before the ceremony to allow time for prep, bridal party, individual, and couple pictures.

time to start photography?

Where should Tressie arrive for preparations (location and address)?
Where should Chad arrive for preparations (location and address)?
Ceremony location, time, and address?

Will you be seeing each other (first look) before the ceremony?

Are there any rules pertaining to photography that we should be aware of during the ceremony? If necessary, please attach any rule sheets given to you by the venue.
Is there anything happening during the ceremony that will be unique or would be helpful for us to have prior knowledge of?
Reception location and address?

formal photographs

As you have seen in the examples of our work, we do not do many overly posed photographs on your wedding day. However, we do feel it is important to have some casually posed images with your close family and friends on this important occasion. We will usually take the formal photographs immediately following the ceremony. In order to make this process less time consuming and confusing for all parties involved we would appreciate your help in the selection of your formal groupings. Our standard formal groupings are listed below. For your information the following list will generally take 15 minutes.
*bride + groom with bride's parents
*bride + groom with bride's parents + siblings
*bride + groom with groom's parents
*bride + groom with groom's parents + siblings
*bride + groom with all bridal party
*bride + groom with each respective party (if not taken pre-ceremony)

Please note, it is very important that you consider time restraints when adding to this list of formal photographs. You can estimate and average of 3-4 minutes per grouping. It is absolutely vital that everyone who is in the formal groupings be ready to begin the session at the stated time. In order to not waste time searching for missing individuals, please be sure to communicate this to all those you would like to participate. If you wish to add extended family into the formals, we recommend taking one large bride side / groom side shot as opposed to large numbers of smaller groupings. We will photograph the family first, then the bridal party, then dismiss everyone to the cocktail hour while we photograph the couple alone. If you did not see each other before the ceremony for pictures, please allow us the remainder of the cocktail hour for your pictures.

Please list all email addresses for family, friends & guests that we might get a picture of at your wedding that you would like an email notification sent to once the photos are up and ready to view:

Will there be a cocktail hour, if so, what time will it start, where will it be, and how long will it last?
Please note, we need to eat on the wedding day 🙂 we would prefer to eat as close as possible (time wise) to your meal, that way we are eating when you are eating and we'll be able to take photographs when you're back up to mingle and dance.
Will you be inviting us to eat at the reception or will we need to make other arrangements?
Is there anything that will be happening at the reception that would be unique or helpful for us to have prior knowledge of?
Please note, low light level environments will require us to use flash photography.

Venue (name/number/website)
Coordinator (name/number/website)
Florist (name/number/website)
Hair (name/number/website)
Makeup (name/number/website)
Band/DJ (name/number/website)
Officiant (name/number/website)
Caterer (name/number/website)
Videographer (name/number/website)
Cake/Bakery (name/number/website)
Rentals (name/number/website)
Dress/shoes/jewelry (name/nubmer/website)
Anyone else?

Once you have completed this form, please hit the submit button and send it our way a minimum of two weeks prior to the wedding. Please feel free to call or email us to discuss any part of the info prior to your wedding date. Also please attach any schedules provided by your coordinator or venue, as that additional information is very helpful to us! We look forward to seeing your soon! Thank you for being awesome and hiring us!

Anything you'd like to add?

If you have any documents from your your coordinator or anythign else you'd like to send our way then please feel free to!

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