Wedding Day Info Sheet

We’re so flippin pumped to shoot your wedding! To make the most out of your wedding day, and to aid in us capturing the story of your day, we need some deets. If you wouldn’t mind filling out this questionnaire for us so we’ll have all the pertinent info, that would be awesome.


Timing is everything. Okay, that's a little dramatic, but it doesn't make it less true. We want to capture your day exactly as it happens. So whether you are being zipped into your dress, sharing a beverage with your guys, laughing with your parents, having a moment together after so much built up anticipation, or unearthing a move on the dance floor that leaves everyone wondering why that hasn't seen the light of day before... that's what we're here to capture. We're not staging or dictating, we're documenting. To do that efficiently we create a photography timeline. It's totally not to step on anyone else's planning or scheduling toes, but there is a lot going through your mind on a wedding day. We want to make sure we have all the info we'll need so you can live your day fully. We will usually start the preparation photos two hours prior to the ceremony if you are not seeing one another and three if you are. This allows us time to shoot the preparations of both sides of the wedding party, barring any extended travel that must happen between the prep and ceremony locations.

So, let us know where you'd like us to start documenting your day. Are you wanting the whole enchilada/don't miss a minute? Make-up, hair, robes, invitations, champagne, cigars, lounging by the pool, suit, dress, flowers, hanging out? Plan on the preparation photos taking about an hour to and hour and fifteen minutes. If you are not having a first look please indicate our start time at least two hours before the start of your ceremony, and after prep is finished we will shoot individual pictures of each person, the respective wedding parties, and your immediate family photos. If you are planning on seeing each other before the ceremony, we like to start at least three hours before the ceremony begins to allow time for prep, individual photos, first look, your couple's portraits, your wedding party altogether and separate, individual immediate family photos, and formal immediate family photos. We like to stop all portrait photography at least 30 minutes before the ceremony, to give you both time to freshen up and relax as guests begin to arrive, as well as get prepped for the ceremony ourselves.

If you are planning on us photographing your reception exit, plan on that taking at least 15 minutes to organize, and please include that time in your contracted coverage.



The word "posed" gets a bad wrap. How we feel about that is a little wordy to put here, but we do feel it is important to have some casually posed images with your close family and friends on this important day. We usually don't shoot extended formal family photos before the ceremony, but reserve those for immediately after the ceremony. We've found it's fastest as everyone is in the same place and it gives guests some time to settle into cocktail hour. We would appreciate your help in the selection of your formal groupings. Our standard formal groupings are listed below and will generally take around 15 minutes or less, aka they're quick. Let these VIP's know they made the cut prior to the ceremony as they'll need to stick around for a minute before hitting up cocktail hour.

  • The couple with each set of parents
  • The couple with each set of parents + siblings
  • The couple with each set of parents + siblings + extended family
  • The couple with all wedding party (if not taken pre-ceremony)
  • The couple with each respective party (if not taken pre-ceremony)

We will photograph you two with your families first, then you two with the full wedding party. After each group we'll dismiss everyone to cocktail hour before we start photographs you two alone. If you did not see each other before the ceremony for pictures, please allow us the remainder of the cocktail hour for your pictures.

We need to eat on the wedding day to maintain our party energy. We would prefer to eat as close as possible (time wise) to when you are eating your meal. This way we can get back at it when you are up to mingle and dance.


Once you have completed this form, please hit the "Send" button below. We prefer to have this back a minimum of two weeks prior to the wedding so we can type up a photography timeline for your approval. As always, feel free to call or email us to discuss any part of your wedding day if you'd like. Also, please send us any schedules provided by your coordinator or venue as that additional information is very helpful. Can't wait to see y'all soon!

Please make sure the form says "submitted successfully" before closing your browser window or you may lose your information.

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