McKenzie + John I Three Points Ranch I Marble Falls Wedding Photographers

The words needed to adequately sum up how amazing McKenzie + John are cannot be found in the English language. It was touching, beautiful, and an absolute blast.

McKenzie is my best friend that neither one of us knew about. Given the choice we probably wouldn’t (…couldn’t, really) spend less than 4 hours together. She truly cares about things and leaves nothing surface level. I freakin love that. Her inspiration in life is constantly reminded to her by two words inked on her left arm; Courage in her Momma’s handwriting and Integrity in her Father’s. McKenzie’s presence feels like a big warm hug. And although we didn’t meet John until the big day, I can say he is totally ‘that guy’. McKenzie described him as cute, side-clutchingly hysterical, and creative out the ying-yang… we agree. He wore his grandfathers belt to the wedding, made McKenzie a mixed cd for her boudoir session, and adores his family. A+ material, that guy.

Their wedding day transpired how all weddings should. A day full of laughter, dancing, and drinking. Where two funny, quirky, creative, kind, generous, free-spirited, and fun to the 10th power people who are totally madly in love get hitched surrounded by their closest family and friends.

McKenzie + John got it all right with:

Photo-smotoes.     Two Pair Photography
flowers gallore.     Bows and Arrows
eye candy venue.     Three Points Ranch
event domination.     Mathes and Co Events
rentals.     Outback Party Rentals + Posh Couture Rentals
grub.     Graze Catering
cake.     Bakerman’s
dresses.          Stanley Korshak
toe tapping.     Two Tons of Steel
make-up.     Maitee Miles
getaway car.     Austin Classic Limo