Susie + Sam I Fort Worth, TX

It’s Friday AM and I am BLOGGING! WOO HOO! We are just about to head out the door to make our way up to Michigan (where it is 74 degrees!!!) for the nuptials of Amber + Jeff, BUT before we left I just HAD to blog Susie + Sam. Every now and then a couple […]

Kalen + Daniel I Abilene, TX

We shot this session back when 100+ degrees was still a long time away, but it is TOTALLY 100% present now and I just figured I would blog this while drinking some good ole iced tea and remembering life before sweating became part of my wardrobe. 🙂 Kalen + Daniel put the AWE in AWESOME! […]

Stephanie + Robbie I Dallas, TX

I never thought we would encounter a couple that is as cool as we think we are, jk. 😉 The only problem is Stephanie and Robbie are exponentially cooler than us and we want to be them when we grow up. Both are mastermind geniuses when it comes to design and all things artsy fartsy. […]

meredith + tyler I dallas tx

mere + tyler they so fine, they so fine they blow my mind! tyler and meredith, aka the king + queen of awesome, will be wed in a few weeks and chad and i can’t wait!! we file them under our tremendously talented, utterly romantic, deliriously funny friends who radiate joy with mammoth hearts. tyler and i […]