Kimber + Jeremy I Fort Worth, TX

Kimber + Jeremy are totes in love. We loved their super unique wedding complete with lemonade stand, succulent boutonnières, and Etsy inspired creations strewn about! They are supercalifragilisticexpialiAWESOME!

Katy + Austin I Colleyville, TX

Katy + Austin got hitched in the a.m. and it was one of the coolest weddings ever. They served breakfast at the reception and still had cake for dessert! Which raises the question, why isn’t dessert after breakfast commonplace? Egg whites, turkey bacon, fruit cup and brownie… sounds like a to-do list destroying combo to me. We […]

Anna + Jonathan I jonesboro, arkansas

Some might say that people in Texas are the nicest folks around, but I dunno if they have been to Jonesboro Arkansas and met Anna, Jonathan, and their families. Neva’ eva’ have we felt so welcomed and loved! Anna + Jonathan give us the warm fuzzies inside. Anna is the perfect southern belle. She is […]