Leah {Bride-to-be}

Reasons why I love Leah. *Ahem* Embodies the phrase “great personal style”. Does the dancers pose (yoga), in her wedding dress, on a fainting couch, in a field, WIN. She is the most elegant, unique, and gentle person out and about these days and we were happy to be able to shoot some bridals for […]

Leah {bride-to-be}

We couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful background on the day of Leah’s bride-to-be session. We also couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful bride. Leah came and ROCKED it out with us in her Melissa Sweet dress and J.Crew gold flats. Seriously, one of our favorite brides/bridals. When you are finished viewing these […]

Crystal {bride to be}

Crystal sets the stun gun to liquefy. She came to her bridal session totally ready to rock it and this first shot is the first one on off our camera. How AWESOME is that?!? Crystal you are the best x infinity.