Stacy & Derrick {engagement}

A few things you should know about Stacy & Derrick.

1. They are soo FINE, so fine… they blow my mind.

2. They are MADLY in LOVE! (our favorite!)

3. Rain, wind, and sketchy people in the downtown Corpus Christi area ain’t stoppin the music for them!

We had planned for this shoot to take place in Austin. I mean, the place hadn’t seen rain in months and was facing its worst drought ever so I understood a little bit when the clouds opened up. I didn’t understand when Corpus Christi tried to be a little copy cat a few weeks later. I thought we were going to have to play the little game of hold the umbrella, but the cloud cover actually worked out really well! Some people think that cloudy isn’t a good thing when it comes to pictures, but when it comes to photography I think one of the COOLEST parts about it is that it NEVER EVER EVER has to be the same to produce some far out stuff.

Stacy & Derrick are to be wed at a beautiful garden in March and we can’t wait. It will kinda be the start of the busy season, so naturally we decided to move that month as well. Going over some photos for a nice little 2009 tribute I am absolutely positive that I love what we do for a living. How else would we get to meet crazy awesome people like Stacy & Derrick! Enjoy!