Keely & Tucker {Wedding}

Keely & Tucker tied the knot at the wonderfully beautiful The Dallas Arboretum on June 7th. We love the outdoors, and the Arboretum provided a PERFECT backdrop for the gorgeous people we were shooting. Chad and I were left scratching our heads wondering where NOT to shoot rather than where… but enough about us… lets talk about Keely & Tucker. You might remember Keely from her bride to be session that we posted earlier. Yeah the blond haired blue-eyed Tokyo Disney Cinderella world traveler, well now you get to meet the blonde haired blue-eyed 1000 watt smile Tucker! Enjoy!

Below: Are you SEEin What I’m seein? So beautiful!

Keely & her something blues! How cute is that!

Seriously, the arboretum wasn’t even the half of it! Keely and Tucker are mold breakers!

The ring shot above is one of my favorites! Okay so one last image, but there is a little story to it. And as it was a little while ago, the details are a little fuzzy. AND, since it is my blog I get to, *erhum* elaborate a little.

Once upon a time…jk. We were scampering around the gardens at the arboretum shooting Keely and her “something blues” and all the sudden she freaks out a little and goes…”MY SHOES!” In my head I was thinking, oh gosh, what do we do if her shoe just broke, what are we going to do, do I have extras in my car? So while I am having a mental breakdown she hold up her flip flops and start singing, “I GOT MY FLIPPY FLOPPIES!” NO JOKE! If you don’t know what I am talking about, check it out HERE cause it’s friggin awesome!