Julianne + Forrest I San Antonio, TX

This year has been incredible. We have gone on trips all over the world, scoured the countryside but nothing will top this. In the year 2010 I, along with my co-producer Chad, created the best thing to ever enter our lives. Our little guy Dex, featured below. He has been a little bit of a toot as of late trying to ditch his title of 1-900-Naps-A-Lot. We love him super lots still.

Julianne + Forrest are getting married in March of next year in Austin, TX! I’ll say it in caps because it’s true, WE ARE SO EXCITED!  Most people think all caps AND an exclamation point means one would be yelling. FALSE! It just means we are stoked for the union of two ridiculously awesome peeps. The end.