Jennifer & Nathan {wedding}

5 girls. Picked to live in a house. And have their lives changed when one starts dating the weatherman. And that is the real world, of Jenn & Nathan.

Chad and I have had the privilege of having an almost front row seat in the early days of Jenn & Nathan’s love story, and it is a good one. Nathan was just the local meteorologist, which in a town the size of Abilene dignifies his status as “local celebrity” and Jenn was just a student in her senior year of college at ACU. They met, he asked her out on a date, and all the sudden it was the local weather that was on our TV at night instead of Tyra’s latest crazy stunts. We all knew what was up and we were just waiting on time to tell us when wedding planning would ensue. Jennifer saw spark….les as Nathan serenaded her to Sparks by Coldplay on the dock at the local pond, and the rest is history. Check out their engagement pictures to see first hand where the sweet proposal went down.

Their wedding was located at one of my most favorite outdoor venues in Texas. If you are looking for a one stop awesome spot, look no further than The Riven Rock Ranch. The Haven’s are the nicest people to work alongside with a VERY professional staff and amazing amenities. It is located around 30 minutes from San Antonio, and totally worth the drive. Jenn’s family hosted Chad and I in the library room and it was wonderful, more than wonderful, but that is how they were the whole weekend to us. It was beautiful to see the two families become one right before your very eyes.

Their day was absolutely beautiful. Nathan couldn’t stop kissing Jenn, and she would frequently look up at him with a face that said, “is this real?” like she needed to pinch herself. It was so cute! The sky, light, and atmosphere was so full of love it was just a true blessing to be a part of it. Enjoy. 

Thank you both for being our friends. Thank you Nathan for you excellent meteorology skills, and thank you Jenn for teaching me the importance of ironing and accessorizing. You guys are the best and I wish you the greatest. All our love forever.