Invitation to AWESOME!

Our mail man is so very semi-precious. He delivers big nasty bills, junk mail, and mail for people that lived in our house 10 years ago. Another really sweet thing he does is whip out this police style baton every time he nears our home and Dillinger is in sight or sound. Although, every now and then he hits the nail on the head and makes a delivery that makes up for all travesties, and today that came in the form of a wedding invitation. 

We LOVE when our clients send us their beautiful invites, or bring their set-up with them for us to shoot on their wedding day. This particular one holds an extra special place in our heart because it is for our good friend Korie.

Korie is awesome, her wedding is going to be awesome, and we feel awesome just being invited much less being invited to shoot it! Thank you Korie for being so creative, and thank you mailman for this very special delivery. 

Want to know the BEST part though? Korie can do this for YOUR special day too! Contact her, she is probably the sweetest person I know, and let her make you pretty.