Emily & Jonathan {wedding}

I seriously can’t believe it is September already…I know it is like 5 days in, but I can’t believe it! It seems like yesterday we were flirting with the idea of wearing sweaters, and it could be almost time! Oh, who am I fooling. It doesn’t get cold here until November 27th. 

We shot Emily and Jonathan back when it wasn’t just THEIR hotness that melted our faces off. MAN OH MAN! You might remember E-funk & Jon-Awesome? Their engagement session was wonderful and one of our favorites! 

Their wedding was AWESOME x infinity. Their family is AWESOME x infinity. And Emily & Jonathan are AWESOME x infinity + 1. 


The reception venue was OFF THE CHAIN! It is called The Cotton Mill and is located in McKinney, Texas. If you are getting married in North Dallas, this is a REALLY great reception location for LARGE parties!

Emily & Jonathan, you guys are crazy awesome! We love you both!