Elise + Will . Austin TX . Engaged

South Congress Engagement Session Zliker ParkSo ready to rock their wedding in Sioux Falls, South Dakota this summer! We met Elise + Will on South Congress for their engagement photos. The idea was to show their family and friends in Sioux Falls a little bit of their life in Texas through their engagement photos so we the SOCO area starting at Jo’s Coffee and explored up to around South Congress Hotel. To top it off we had to get some water and rocks since, you know, Austin, so we went to one of my secret spots in Zilker Park for  big rocks and golden fields. Let’s do this!Elise+Will-00020Elise+Will-00024Elise+Will-00030Elise+Will-00060Elise+Will-00085Elise+Will-00090Elise+Will-00098Elise+Will-00101Elise+Will-00108Elise+Will-00117Elise+Will-00127Elise+Will-00133Elise+Will-00140 Elise+Will-00141Elise+Will-00143Two Pair Photography https://www.twopairphotography.comTwo Pair Photography https://www.twopairphotography.comElise+Will-00152 Elise+Will-00154Elise+Will-00161Elise+Will-00169Two Pair Photography https://www.twopairphotography.comElise+Will-00186Elise+Will-00207 Elise+Will-00192Elise+Will-00210Elise+Will-00198Elise+Will-00223Elise+Will-00202Elise+Will-00268Elise+Will-00271Elise+Will-00280Elise+Will-00281Elise+Will-00282Elise+Will-00287Elise+Will-00289