Dillinger & Winston {personal}

It is good to be home! For the past week I have been running around Omaha, NE having precisely the kind of “vacation” I love. Eat good food, drink great wine, explore a new city, meet TONS of awesome new people, catch up with old friends, repeat. I even had the privilege of being a bridesmaid which hasn’t happened in a while and I had SO MUCH FUN! I LOVE doing all things wedding related. We sewed programs, made streamers (only after 10 or so trips to Hobby Lobby), made strawberry and blueberry dump cake, got our nails done, our hair done, and kept the dancefloor humming all night. I mean seriously! If I wasn’t a photographer I would seriously consider ‘bridesmaid’ as a full time option.

My parents and Chad drove up to Omaha on Wednesday together and Thursday we went to the Omaha Henry Doorly Zoo. HOLY AQUARIUM APE HOUSE EXTRAVAGANZA BATMAN! Did you know that the Omaha Zoo is number like 4 in the US? It was amazing, and a really great workout! Then we ate at the BEST restaurant I have eaten at in a while called The Twisted Fork located in a really cute part of Omaha called Old Market. It was so much fun to hang out with my parents for a bit, and explore new things with them too!

But I bet you are probably wondering why this post is titled Dillinger & Winston. And that my friends is what I will tell you now.

I don’t have human children yet. Chad and I want to, but later, okay? We do however have a doggie named Dillinger Nelson Zellner. We got him in May of 2005, and he is better than your dog, and some children. Seriously. We left him in the care of my sister and on Friday afternoon he escaped from her backyard, probably trying to make his way back home. Now, he has gotten out of the backyard before, but most of the time he will just go to the front door and sit there till you find him and he looks up at you like, ‘Guys….not again.’ It is pathetically cute.

My sister stayed up all night looking for him and when she didn’t have any luck Chad flew home to try and help. From the moment he landed he and his mom drove to every pound/pet adoption type place in Abilene. When that didn’t work out he went home, made some LOST! flyers, and on his way out the door saw a guy creeping by our driveway and decided to see what was up. Well that precious gem of a man had seen our son be hit by a car, and when that car sped away he got out, picked Dillinger up and took him to his house. He tried calling my cell phone, but since I was in Omaha the call didn’t go through or something like that. Chad followed the guy to his house where our son was laying on a pile of  towels with a 3 inch gash on his head and a back leg swollen to the size of a cantaloupe, but ALIVE! Chad thanked him and rushed Dillin to the emergency clinic and found that miraculously nothing was broken, just a dislocation hip and the gash on his head. Chad texted my parents and I while we were outside of the church getting directions to the reception and we all just busted out crying like little babies and I KNOW everyone thought we were crazy.

The drive from Omaha to Abilene really felt like 12 hours, but once I got home I just cuddled with Dillinger and thanked the Lord that he was safe and all that Jazz. I won’t post a picture of him in all his glory right now, because he sorta has a face only a mother could love with this huge gash down his face, and his leg is in a sling since they set it today, so instead I will post some of him that I took a few days before I left for Omaha. Winston was over for a visit and they were all curled up in the office watching us work, it was really cute.

Okay, so my trip has made me SO far behind on my work side of things, so, I am sorry. I promise to post, e-mail, call, ship, and all that other stuff tomorrow morning. Right now, it is cuddle time with Dillinger & Chad.