cupcakes, tire swings, and ponies. be still my heart.

Today Chad and I woke up, kicked the days to-do list to tomorrow, and traveled to Lubbock, Texas. Only this time it wasn’t for a shoot of our own, but our own shoot. So let me tell you how it all went down…
While on Facebook one morning I saw Lauren Clark was offering a free session to a couple for Brainwash. Without asking Chad I told her we would totally be down! She said yes, and that was that. Chad walked into the living room as I was jumping up and down on the couch and in typical Chad fashion said, “Awesome” when I told him the good news. We drove the 150 miles to Lubbock stopping only once in Post, Texas to partake in the best banana shake ever at this little place called Holly’s. You must stop if ever you find yourself driving through this town. You won’t regret it.
We had so much FUN! Seriously, Lauren is so very cool and an AMAZING photographer. As Chad would say, she’s got some crazy skills. These are our favorites of the favorites! More to come later for sure!

My Favorite:

Chad’s Favorite:

I found myself smiling like a silly school girl multiple times for multiple reasons, one being the fact that we were having such a good time being all romantic and canoodling with each other. The second reason I think had something to do with the cupcakes that Lauren gave us at the beginning of the session. Thats right… cupcakes. As in a mini version of the delectable dessert that I could eat all day and for every meal.

Originally there were two precious little gems, but I didn’t get pictures until we got back home and that sucker was gone 5 steps after Lauren said, That’s a Wrap! Check out her blog for the entire post!