Well this month has been crazy fun, but amidst all the festivites we have allowed our blog to go unnoticed, so we decided to kick off our rededication to the blog with one SUPA-fly wedding. Chad and I met Jen while at HSU and we were so excited when she contacted us to shoot her wedding. When we met Andrew and Jen at Java City for a little pre-wedding meeting we saw [...]

Everything is made for the dump. It's true. If you think about all of the stuff we use, even old cell phones, everything is made to be tossed. It is for this reason that Chad and I devoted our lives to being avid recyclers. Every week we pack all of our items into the car, grab a ball for Dillinger (our doggie), and head to the local recycling facility. Well, for the[...]

We entered one of Tressies bridal shots we did on our honeymoon in Mexico into a photo contest. Please vote for us! =) Vote for my photo!vote

Lara Morgan came to visit and we had some fun shooting some night time shots. I'm actually surprised that you can't see the swarms of mosquitos in all of the shots. It was crazyness! This one is my favorite! We were trying to catch the sun before it went down. I thought we missed it but it ended up being a nice background for the shot with the silhouetted pole[...]

On Saturday Chad and I strolled over to Snyder, Texas to play with the Powell family. The minute we stepped in their house this precious little blonde cutie-pie asked us, "Are you going to take my picture?" From then on we knew shy wasn't going to be a problem! Matt and Emily were so very sweet and their daughter, Shelby is the cutest little girl on the planet!!! We h[...]