Bethany & John Ryan {Wedding}

First off, I can’t believe that Angle Me Right is in TWO DAYS! I feel like just yesterday we were sitting around with Erin dreaming big, and now it is here, almost. WOo! A super duper thanks to all of our photographer friends who are traveling far and wide to be with us. We couldn’t be more excited to finally meet you all!

Now, on to more present matters. I do not contain within me the vocabulary or overly complex terminology that could properly describe what you are about to see, internet. Nor will I ever serve justice to how this day moved my soul. All I can say is that Bethany & John Ryan have something special. Their engagement session put the AWE in AWESOME and to this day remains one of our all time favorites. Their wedding made Pluto not a planet anymore. The BOUNDLESS amount of love that they have for each other, their families and friends could never eclipse the MONUMENTAL  love they share for the Lord. Bethany & John Ryan are creative, original, thoughtful, and I would describe their wedding as an adventure of the spirit, and the ultimate groove fest. Checklist of all the goodies?

Funny/Loving couple? CHECK!
Unbelievable details? PRESENT!
Groovy friends? GOT IT!
Extraordinary family? HERE!

The wedding took place in San Angelo with a reception to follow at one of the most unique places Chad and I have ever seen! Coupled with the 1920’s themed details The Cactus Hotel was transformed into one of the most killer wedding receptions we have ever shot. Seriously, I will let the pictures talk the talk, just sit down and remember to take slow deep breaths.

A couple pictures below is the first kiss not just as a married couple…but EVER! It was so passionate and awesome!

You aren’t seeing things! In the main ballroom the glass hurricanes were filled with water and FISH! HOW cool is that!

This is probably one of my most favorite bridal party shots ever. Bethany and John Ryan’s attendants were SUPERSTARS as well!

Almost to gorgeous to eat…almost.

They certainly made up for reserving their first kiss until they were married, which made our “job” so easy. Bethany and John Ryan, we hope you both are blessed beyond compare. Thank you x infinity for the honor of being your wedding photographers, and the pleasure of being your friends.