ANGLE ME RIGHT! {workshop}

On Tuesday October 27th 2009 in Dallas Texas the world imploded with a black hole of awesomeness in the form of our very first workshop, Angle Me Right. TWO PAIR joined forces with the queen of dreamy perfection, Erin, I ain’t gonna lie… we rocked the house. Well, there is more to that “we” than that. So…let me tell you about the all-star team that joined us on the day.

Nine photographers, four models, and one killer hair stylist came together to eclipse the sun and we had a total blast with everyone! Cranking almost everything we know (and then some ridiculous facts that have nothing to do with photography 😉 ) to our friends Ashley Wilkins, Danielle Lough, Jessica Price, Lauren Newman, Leriam Gonzalez, Micah Schmidt, October Smith, Paige Ogilvie, and Rachel Russo. These chicas were totally wonderful and just made the day so awesome! We tried to base our workshop over less lecturing and more hands on because, as visual people ourselves, we feel like this works best for our creative minds. Everyone said they had a total blast and learned real good, which was the goal! Check out the links to their sites/blogs to see their spin on things!

We hosted our workshop at the Hotel Zaza in Dallas and everything took place in the Leonardo room, which is one of their magnificent seven rooms. These 7 rooms are all decked out with super swanky furniture and when famous people come to Dallas, they all stay there. We were told that the most recent celebrities to stay in our room included P. Diddy and Pink, how cool is that!

One of my longest, nearest, and dearest friends Stephanie came out to be one of our brides, and Chad stayed with her working with lighting. Then the super beautiful Akers family, Kristina & Ira came over to be our couple. I had the opportunity to stay with them during our shooting time and it was so much more than fun! Working with them was a total dream because they are beautiful, soooo in love, and are expanding their brood soon! They came out and strutted their stuff before, as Kristina put it, “my body is changed forever!”

These next few we got from Erin, but totally check out her blog and all of the others blogs for so much more! I just had to show you guys a group shot and a shot of our good friends Chris and Maloree Munn. Remember that rad hairstylist I told you about? Well, this is her, Maloree. She not only keeps Chad and I looking fly…but took care of the models hair for ANGLE ME RIGHT. She is AMAZING! Totally someone you need for your wedding day, or just your session!


From left to right: Top row: Tressie, Stephanie, Leriam, October, Danielle, Ira, Lauren, Ashley, Micah, Chad, Erin. Front row: Rachel, Jessica, Paige, Shelbi, Kristina, & Maloree.

Thank you all, you guys ROCK!