Adriana + Colter I Barcelona, Spain

2011! Yeah, we are still riding that Happy New Year train. Oodles and oodles of cool stuff happened last year, it is honestly hard to wrap our brains around it all (but so fun to try!). We worked harder in 2010 than we have ever worked in our lives. Well, except for that lawn mowing business when I was 15. That was TOUGH. 🙂 We met some crazy awesome people, laughed a million times, and were brought to our knees in utter thanks for our friends, families, and clientized friends for their support and love. In September our little Dex joined us and life changed forever. I know it sounds cliche, but I never knew my heart could feel like this. It took Dexter all of 5 seconds to change the people we are; the parents we want to be. We fell in love with a little boy who pees on us. We love to reflect on the past year and are excited to death for all that 2011 brings! (crossing my fingers a new couch is in the mix!)

Chad and I were in downdown Dallas scouting for a session later that day and my phone rang. It was Adriana calling to ask us if we would shoot her wedding… in Spain. Umm yeah, well I’ll check my calendar… YES! Colter + Adriana met up with us for some coffee to discuss the det’s and what we discovered was that we had one amazeballs couple on our hands. Talented, check! Funny, check! In LOVE, check, check, check! To put it simply, we LOVE these two and are soo happy to call them our friends. We can’t thank them enough for flying us to Spain, letting us hang out with them and their amazing families, teaching how to ask for vegetarian food in Catalan (which always happened to include a side of tuna), and having one absolutely kick butt wedding!